Fender Benders

a man working on an auto body after a fender bender

Expert and Affordable Fender Bender Repairs in boonville

Fender benders are minor collisions involving a car’s bumper or fender. Despite the fact that these low-speed accidents are not dangerous, they can be expensive to fix and should be handled by experts who can give you the best deal.

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Thorough Fender or Bumper Inspections

Even while you might not first notice any damage, your bumper or fender’s internal structure might have a different story to tell. The interior could receive serious damage even though the exterior seems to be in good shape. Fox Brothers Automotive’s staff will carefully examine your car for hidden damage.

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Bring your car to Fox Brothers Automotive right away

After inspecting your car, we’ll provide you a cost and an anticipated time frame for repairs. You may be confident that your fender or bumper will be in fantastic hands and get lasting results because we only utilize the best NAPA parts. Bring your car to Fox Brothers Automotive right away if you were just in a minor collision!

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